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Stonedferret's Hardcore Music Vault Show

Stonedferret's Music Vault - EP011
Wednesday 19-06-2019 - aired on www.flatlinesradio.de Sunday 30.06.2019 22.00 CET

01-The Freeze - Calling All Creatures
02-The Freeze - Scum Dries
03-Gang Green - Alcohol
04-Straw Dogs - Carnival In Hell
05-Lard - Can God Fill Teeth
06-Negative Approach - Tied Down
07-Battalion of Saints - Bombs
08-Septic Death - Negative Threat
09-Murphys Law - Skinhead Rebel
10-Corrosion Of Conformity - Technocracy
11-Bad Brains - Intro
12-Bad Brains -  I Against I
13-Agnostic Front - Police State
14-Agnostic Front - Riot Riot Upstart
15-Dag Nasty - Values Here
16-Buzzcocks - You Tear Me Up
17-Buzzcocks - Oh Shit
18-Discharge - Drunk With Power
19-Discharge - The Broken Law
20-Verbal Abuse - Power Play
21-Negative Gain - Descend On Youth
22-MDC - I Hate Work
23-DRI - I'd Rather be Sleeping
24-DRI - Counter Attack
25-The Freeze - Talking Bombs
26-The Freeze - World I Know
PODCAST - EP12 - NEW RELEASES 12   aired on www.flatlinesradio.de Sunday 30.06.2019 23.00 CET
00-Stonedferret - Introduction
01-The Jagoffs - Class War
02-The Jagoffs - Fuck Shit Up
03-The Jagoffs - Absence Of Reason
04-Raw Peace - Who
05-Raw Peace - Nuclear Mist
06-Raw Peace - Total Death
07-Silence Means Death - Crash and Burn
08-Silence Means Death - Atomgrad
09-Silence Means Death - A world in decay
10-Hetze - Tunnel Vision
11-Hetze - Pile Of Shit
12-Hetze - Bullshit Detector
13-Bad Brains - Coptic Times 1983 rock for light
14-Cro-Mags - We Gotta Know 1986-the age of quarrel
15-Agent Orange - Fire In The Rain 1986-This Is The Voice
16-Dag Nasty - Safe 1987-Wig out at denko's
17-Misled - No way out
18-Monday Morning Justice - Voluntary human extinction program
19-Weed Dealer - Wasting Your Time
20-Urin - Lustro
21-La Polla Records - Ni descanso, ni paz
22-Radiocrimen - Cadenas Rotas
23-Seaway - London
24-Show Me The Body - Camp Orchestra
25-Show Me The Body - Drought



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